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Aggregated Site Usage Statistics
The site does not place Cookies on your computer, phone or other Internet device to provide us with aggregated data of the usage of this site and the mediums which are driving traffic to the site.

Essential Site Features
Cookies may be placed upon your computer, phone or other Internet device in order to provide essential site features such as allowing you to login to the system and store data on our servers. We need to be sure that it is you who logged in!

Complimentary Site Features
The site may also use Cookies for certain complimentary purposes such as remembering your print preferences and which vehicle makes you use most often. All these functions are designed to improve your experience of using the site and speed up selections in drop down lists.

If you do not want our sites to place Cookies on your device you can disable these using your Internet Browser settings. Please note that you cannot log into the system without ‘Session Cookies’.