Do I need a Health Check Management System?

At Autoconnect we have been refining our vehicle health check and follow up contact systems. We are very successfully creating incremental revenue for our workshops with systems reporting thousands of checks each day.

Vehicle Health Checks are now standard practice within Dealerships, but are rarely used to their full potential. Autoconnect are prime providers of VHC systems, with a history of over fifteen years of Health Check Management for Manufacturers and Dealers. Our process manages over 30,000 electronic health checks a month, collates work found, sold and lost and diarises deferred opportunities in a simple, but exceptionally effective reporting system.

The automotive aftermarket is the least cyclical, most recession proof element of the industry, but dealerships need to create retention; storing and more importantly using the stored data at the right time for the right product.

The health check, correctly initiated can create significant additional revenue. But the data has to be collected from every customer visit, used at the time of the visit and to create that additional revenue. Deferred and advisory customer contact points need to be accurately entered into a system or diary. More importantly, used at the correct time. The best way of doing this is to gather and use the information electronically.

Electronic Vehicle Health Check is a simple step that will guarantee additional revenue from your workshops and provide exceptional customer retention from the contact diary and management system. To maximise the potential from an electronic system, the process used in the workshop has to be fast, simple, logical for the technician and capable of providing standardised reporting information.

The result, EVHC, is a highly efficient system, leading the technician through a vehicle check and recording work found without the need for additional typing. Information is processed instantly for immediate customer contact or inclusion in the deferred diary. Comprehensive reporting and management information is available on all aspects of system usage, while diary reminders for customer contact are produced automatically. It’s interesting that a recent survey by Polk indicated that the preferred communication method for a service or maintenance reminder was 26% by phone, 16% by text message, 15% by post but most customers, over 43%, said their preferred method of contact was by email. EVHC will do this for you automatically and report the outcome.